All the results for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Winton East

Simon Bull, Green Party, 1,385, elected

Chris Rigby, Green Party, 1,198, elected

Pat Oakley, Conservative, 468

Wallisdown and Winton West

Nigel Hedges, Conservative, 872, elected

Susan Phillips, Conservative, 831, elected

Matthew Brugess, Green Party, 427

Boscombe East & Pokesdown

George Farquhar, Labour, 747, elected

Andy Jones, Conservative, 724, elected

Susan Chapman, Green, 656

Boscombe West

Jane Kelly, Conservative, 666, elected

Lewis Allison, Labour, 618, elected

Phil Stanley-Watts, Conservative, 591


Sarah Anderson, Conservative, 867, elected

Beverley Dunlop, Conservative, 612, elected

Alice Bisson, Green Party, 569

Queen's Park

Mark Anderson, Conservative, 1,071, elected

Cheryl Johnson, Conservative, 921, elected

Alasdair Keddie, Green Party, 474

Westbourne and West Cliff

John Beesley, Conservative, 1,236, elected

Nicola Greene, Conservative, 1,195, elected

Laura Young, Liberal Democrats, 588


Peter Miles, Poole People Party, 1,406, elected

Felicity Rice, Alliance for Local Living (independent) 1,119, elected

Ian Potter, Conservative, 701

Talbot and Branksome Woods

Phil Broadhead, Conservative, 1,439, elected

Drew Mellor, Conservative, 1,433, elected

Karen Rampton, Conservative, 1,399, elected

Bournemouth Central

Mike Greene, Conservative, 883, elected

Hazel Allen, Conservative, 846, elected

David Smith, Independent, 625

Highcliffe and Walkford

Nigel Brooks, Independent, 1,792, elected

Nick Geary, Independent, 1,617, elected

Trish Jamieson, Conservative, 1,192


Stephen Baron, Poole People Party, 1,300, elected

Ann Stribley, Conservative, 942, elected

John Challinor, Conservative, 815

Littledown & Iford

Lawrence Williams, Conservative, 1,182, elected

Bobbie Dove, Conservative, 1,156, elected

Catherine Bishop, Liberal Democrats, 556


Duane Farr, Conservative, 1,086, elected

Laurence Fear, Conservative, 1,019, elected

Norman Decent, Conservative, 937, elected

East Southbourne & Tuckton

Eddie Coope, Conservative, 1,659, elected

Malcolm Davies, Conservative, 1,464, elected

Jane Bull, Green Party, 658

West Southbourne

Lisa Lewis, Labour, 716, elected

Bob Lawton, Conservative, 708, elected

Corrie Drew, Labour, 695

Gary Mitchell, Liberal Democrats, 695

Poole Town

Mark Howell, Poole People, 1603, elected

Andy Hadley, Poole People, 1,593, elected

L-J Evans, Poole People, 1,551, elected

Canford Heath

Sandra Moore, Liberal Democrats, 1,966, elected

Chris Matthews, Liberal Democrats, 1,753, elected

Pete Parrish, Liberal Democrats, 1,541, elected

Highcliffe and Walkford Neighbourhood Council

Nigel Brooks, Independent, 1,093, elected

Bob Hutchings, Zig-Zag Fighter, 939, elected

Andy Martin, Independent, 782, elected

Burton & Grange

David Flagg, Independent, 1,196, elected

Simon McCormack, Independent, 1,053, elected

Claire Wade, Labour, 525

Redhill & Northbourne

Stephen Bartlett, Independent, 1,281, elected

Jackie Edwards, Conservative, 660, elected

Richard Sheridan, Independent, 654


Julie Bagwell, Poole People, 1,621, elected

Daniel Butt, Poole People, 1,411, elected

Mike White, Conservative, 773, elected

East Cliff & Springbourne

Anne Filer, Conservative, 1,016, elected

David Kelsey, Conservative, 971, elected

Roberto Rocca, Conservative, 861, elected

Penn Hill

Tony O'Neill, Conservative, 1,157, elected

Bryan Dion, Conservative, 1,030, elected

Brian Clements, Liberal Democrat, 1,016

Friars Cliff Ward of Christchurch Town Council

Lesley Dedman, Independent, 896, elected

Paul Hilliard, 770, elected

Claire Bath, 497


Julie Bagwell, Poole People, 1,621, elected

Daniel Butt, Poole People, 1,411, elected

Mike White, Conservative, 773, elected

Newtown & Heatherlands

Millie Earl, Liberal Democrat, 1,785, elected

Marion Le Poidevin, Liberal Democrat, 1,637, elected

Mark Robson, Liberal Democrat, 1,388, elected

Mudeford, Stanpit and West Highcliffe

Lesley Dedman, Independent, 1,827, elected

Paul Hilliard, Independent, 1,722, elected

Claire Bath, Conservative, 1,168

Alderney & Bourne Valley

Tony Trent, Liberal Democrats, 1,241, elected

Rachel Maidment, Liberal Democrats, 1,132, elected

Toby Johnson, Liberal Democrats, 1,022 elected

Bearwood & Merley

David Brown, Liberal Democrats, 2,115, elected

Marcus Andrews, Liberal Democrats, 1,850, elected

Richard Burton, Liberal Democrats, 1,746, elected

Canford Cliffs

May Haines, Conservative, 1,990, elected

Mohan Iyengar, Conservative, 1,851, elected

Peter Pawlowski, Independent, 615

Muscliff and Strouden Park

Kieron Wilson, Independent, 2,219, elected

Lisa Northover, Independent, 1,581, elected

Derek Borthwick, Conservative, 1,022, elected


Judy Butt, Conservative, 877, elected

Diana Butler, UKIP, 591, elected

Steve Hayes, Conservative, 584


Colin Bungey, Independent, 1,623, elected

Margaret Phipps, Independent, 1,567, elected

Jim Biggin, 469

Muscliff and Strouden Park

Kieron Wilson, Independent, 2,219, elected

Lisa Northover, Independent, 1,581, elected 

Derek Borthwick, Conservative, 1,022, elected

Christchurch Town

Mike Cox, Liberal Democrat, 891, elected

Peter Hall, Conservative, 851, elected

Michael Tarling, Liberal Democrat, 850