THE trial of Harry Redknapp’s eldest son is due to resume at Poole Magistrates’ Court today.

Mark Redknapp, 48, is accused of getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes C63 while 15 times the drug-drive limit. He was allegedly pulled over in Penn Hill Avenue, Poole on April 2 2018.

Prosecutors claim he had 749 micrograms of cocaine derivative benzoylecgonine per litre of blood.

The limit is 50.

Redknapp, of Minterne Road in Poole, has pleaded not guilty to the charge. A trial began in February and was adjourned.

During the earlier hearing, it was alleged that officers suspected Redknapp was on drugs because his eyes were ‘droopy’ and he kept cleaning his teeth with his tongue.

When told that a roadside test showed he was positive for cocaine Redknapp told the officer: “I do not do drugs, I never have.”

Police officers told the court Redknapp was searched at the roadside and no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found on him or in his vehicle.

The defendant was also strip-searched at the police station and no drugs were found.

Redknapp denies the charge.