A WOMAN with a neurological disorder did a tandem skydive to raise money for a charity close to her heart.

Alison Newland, who is 44 and lives in Poole, is registered as disabled after being diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder.

Alison worked as a teacher until her symptoms made it impossible for her to continue in her job.

Functional Neurological Disorder is caused by a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and thought to be the result of the brain’s inability to send and receive signals properly.

Symptoms can include cognitive changes, involuntary movements, paralysis and weakness, chronic pain, seizures and sensory changes.

The charity FND Hope says it can cause an impairment in quality of life that is similar to or in some cases worse than that experienced by people with Parkinson’s disease or MS.

Alison said: "My symptoms began in March 2017. I have had Functional Neurological Disorder for two years and it has gradually been getting worse. I received my diagnosis in March 2018 after lots of tests but, treatment wise, only some counselling to help me cope with the changes my condition was having on my life. The treatment I have received since is limited due to lack of expertise, resources and lack of investment.”

Alison was referred to a specialist centre at St George's Hospital in Tooting who confirmed she had the disorder."

The tandem jump took place at Netheravon Airfield during FND Awareness Week and Alison raised money for FND Hope which has close links with St George's Hospital.

She said: “Doing this tandem jump was very out of character for me. I am not usually a thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie! However, I am so glad I was able to do this for a charity that means a lot to me.”

Alison has raised more than £1,700 for the charity.

To make a donation visit justgiving.com/fundraising/parachute-fndhope.