ALMOST 300 people are to stand as candidates for election to Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council.

Published on Thursday, the list of nominees shows that 299 people will stand for the 76 seats on the new unitary authority.

As part of the merger of the three former councils, the number of councillors has been reduced from 120 to 76 – a move it says will save £500,000 a year.

Conservative candidates have been but forward for every seat while Labour and the Liberal Democrats have 70 and 67 prospective councillors.

Other parties which will be represented at the ballot box include the Green Party with 28, Ukip with 14, eight Poole People, two Alliance for Local Living, two Engage.

Thirty-two independents – many of whom are former Conservative councillors from the now-abolished borough councils – have put themselves forward as candidates.

Elections will be held on May 2.

Full list of candidates:

Alderney and Bourne Valley

Claire Crescent (Alliance for Local Living)

Joe Cryans (Ukip)

Toby Johnson (Lib Dem)

Henry Land (Labour)

Benjamin Levy (Conservative)

Rachel Maidment (Lib Dem)

Benjamin Norton (Poole People)

Martin Smalley (Independent)

David Stokes (Labour)

Tony Trent (Lib Dem)

Trevor Watts (Conservative)

Lisa Weir (Labour)

Gregory Welch (Conservative)

Bearwood and Merley

Marcus Andrews (Lib Dem)

Stephen Baker (Conservative)

Siobhan Bardsley (Labour)

David Brown (Lib Dem)

Richard Burton (Lib Dem)

Ashley Fraser (Conservative)

Jane Newell (Conservative)

Moe Phillips (Labour)

Marion Pope (Independent)

Simon Riggs (Green)

Gigi Sismaet (Labour)

Boscombe East and Pokesdown

Susan Chapman (Green)

Ron Dickinson (Ukip)

Philip Dunn (Lib Dem)

Rebecca Edwards (Lib Dem)

George Farquhar (Labour)

Andy Jones (Conservative)

Sam King (Labour)

Gina Mackin (Conservative)

Boscombe West

Lewis Allison (Labour)

Sara Armstrong (Labour)

Anne Cassels (Green)

Jane Kelly (Conservative)

Paul Radcliffe (Lib Dem)

Philip Stanley-Watts (Conservative)

Bournemouth Central

Hazel Allen (Conservative)

Sarah Bedford (Green)

Mike Greene (Conservative)

Philip Murray (Labour)

Charlie Nixon (Labour)

Craig Norman (Lib Dem)

David Smith (Independent)

Kevin Williams (Lib Dem)


Mike Brooke (Lib Dem)

Paula Holyoak (Ukip)

Helen Lawrence (Conservative)

David Newell (Conservative)

Robin Phillips (Labour)

Vikki Slade (Lib Dem)

Pete Stratford (Labour)

Burton and Grange

Brian Case (Conservative)

Robert Dawson (Lib Dem)

Andrew Dunne (Labour)

David Flagg (Independent)

Wendy Grace (Conservative)

Simon McCormack (Independent)

Benjamin Pantling (Green)

Claire Wade (Labour)

Frederick Worthy (Lib Dem)

Canford Cliffs

May Haines (Conservative)

Martin Holst (Labour)

Mohan Iyengar (Conservative)

Peter Pawlowski (Independent)

Robin Rennison (Lib Dem)

Dave Yates (Lib Dem)

David Young (Independent)

Canford Heath

Rob Bassinder (Labour)

Sean Gabriel (Conservative)

Janet Green (Labour)

Andrew Hawkins (Green)

Trisha Hyder (Labour)

Chris Matthews (Lib Dem)

Sandra Moore (Lib Dem)

Pete Parrish (Lib Dem)

Christopher Spence (Ukip)

Ruth Thompson (Conservative)

Raymond Tindle (Conservative)

Christchurch Town

Mike Cox (Lib Dem)

Steve Docherty (Green)

Peter Hall (Conservative)

Robert Hope (Labour)

David Munnik (Labour)

Fred Neale (Independent)

Lindy Stuart-Clark (Independent)

Michael Tarling (Lib Dem)

Peter Watson-Lee (Conservative)


Jim Biggin

Colin Bungey (Independent)

Carol Gardiner (Lib Dem)

Victoria Hallam (Conservative)

Antoinette Pearce (Labour)

Margaret Phipps (Independent)

Lisle Smith (Conservative)

Peter Stokes (Labour)

Fenella Vick (Lib Dem)


Diana Butler (Ukip)

Judy Butt (Conservative)

Shaun Connolly (Independent)

Ruby Free (Labour)

Wayland Goodliffe (Green)

Steve Hayes (Conservative)

Trevor Morton (Lib Dem)

Paul Slade (Lib Dem)

East Cliff and Springbourne

Jordan Blackwell (Lib Dem)

Oli Cheetham (Independent)

Alfreda Christensen-Barton (Lib Dem)

Anne Filer (Conservative)

Brian Jenner (Lib Dem)

David Kelsey (Conservative)

Frank Miles (Green)

Ian Prankerd (Labour)

Roberto Rocca (Conservative)

David Thompson (Labour)

Tina Thompson (Labour)

East Southbourne and Tuckton

Jane Bull (Green)

Toni Colledge (Labour)

Eddie Coope (Conservative)

Alan Davidson (Labour)

Malcolm Davies (Conservative)

Jon Nicholas (Lib Dem)

David Ruffer (Lib Dem)


Julie Bagwell (Poole People)

Jim Buchanan (Labour)

John Butler (Ukip)

Daniel Butt (Poole People)

David Chicken (Lib Dem)

Neil Duncan-Jordan (Labour)

Vishal Gupta (Conservative)

Ian Hay (Green)

Peter Sidaway (Lib Dem)

Declan Stones (Lib Dem)

Sarah Ward (Labour)

Mike White (Conservative)

Mike Wilkins (Conservative)

Highcliffe and Walkford

Kathryn Boniface (Labour)

Roger Boniface (Labour)

Nigel Brooks (Independent)

Lily Cox (Lib Dem)

Nick Geary (Independent)

Lucy Harris (Lib Dem)

Colin Jamieson (Conservative)

Trish Jamieson (Conservative)


Amedeo Angiolini (Independent)

Mark Battistini (Independent)

Norman Decent (Conservative)

Duane Farr (Conservative)

Laurence Fear (Conservative)

Carla Gregory-May (Green)

Catherine Gutmann Roberts (Labour)

Jack Holliss (Lib Dem)

Melita Jeffries (Ukip)

Susan Lennon (Engage)

Joanne Oldale (Labour)

John Perkins (Independent)

Carl Richards (Labour)

Ann Smith (Lib Dem)

Littledown and Iford

David Ball (Green)

Catherine Bishop (Lib Dem)

Bill Brandwood (Labour)

Muiruri Coyne (Lib Dem)

Bobbie Dove (Conservative)

Pauline Haynes (Labour)

Lawrence Williams (Conservative)


Sarah Anderson (Conservative)

Nigel Apperley (Labour)

Alice Bisson (Green)

Mike Clark (Ukip)

Sylvi Clark (Ukip)

Beverley Dunlop (Conservative)

David Griffiths (Labour)

Joe Salmon (Green)

Mudeford, Stanpit and West Highcliffe

Claire Bath (Conservative)

Fiona Cox (Lib Dem)

William Deans (Labour)

Lesley Dedman (Independent)

Keith Harrison (Lib Dem)

Paul Hilliard (Independent)

Gillian Hope (Labour)

Ray Nottage (Conservative)

Muscliff and Strouden Park

John Adams (Independent)

Derek Borthwick (Conservative)

Ian Clark (Conservative)

Fiona Dougherty (Ukip)

Paul Forsdick (Labour)

Jilly Grower (Labour)

Steve Laughton (Labour)

Peter Lucas (Green)

Lisa Northover (Independent)

John Trickett (Independent)

Michael Weinhonig (Conservative)

Kieron Wilson (Independent)

Newtown and Heatherlands

Craig Allison (Conservative)

Marty Caine (Engage)

Alan Daniels (Labour)

Millie Earl (Lib Dem)

Malcolm Farrell (Conservative)

Emma Lang (Labour)

Marion Le Poidevin (Lib Dem)

Adrian Oliver (Green)

Mark Robson (Lib Dem)

Vicky Spence (Ukip)

Lindsey Thomas (Conservative)


Ian Aitkenhead (Labour)

Tansy Earl (Lib Dem)

Janice Long (Ukip)

Peter Miles (Poole People)

Sean Perrin (Lib Dem)

Ian Potter (Conservative)

Felicity Rice (Alliance for Local Living)

Janet Walton (Conservative)


Jo Aylward-Carter (Labour)

Stephen Baron (Poole People)

John Challinor (Conservative)

Grant Gillingham (Lib Dem)

Crispin Goodall (Lib Dem)

Michael Hancock (Independent)

Keith Lawson (Green)

Ann Stribley (Conservative)

Penn Hill

Brian Clements (Lib Dem)

Bryan Dion (Conservative)

Rich Douglas (Lib Dem)

Mini Kingman (Labour)

Hannah Macklin (Green)

Tony O’Neill (Conservative)

Poole Town

Sue Aitkenhead (Labour)

Phillipa Connolly (Labour)

Jon Cox (Lib Dem)

Xena Dion (Conservative)

L-J Evans (Poole People)

Andy Garner-Watts (Conservative)

Andy Hadley (Poole People)

Mark Howell (Poole People)

Tim Joyce (Lib Dem)

William Kimmet (Independent)

Simon Lane (Independent)

Tom Lintern-Mole (Conservative)

Andy Proctor (Labour)

Quenten Walker (Lib Dem)

Queen’s Park

Mark Anderson (Conservative)

Sharon Carr-Brown (Labour)

Lorraine Crouch (Lib Dem)

Susan Fisher (Labour)

David Hughes (Ukip)

Cheryl Johnson (Conservative)

Alasdair Keddie (Green)

Elizabeth McManus (Green)

Gillian Pardy (Lib Dem)

Redhill and Northbourne

Stephen Bartlett (Independent)

David D’Orton-Gibson (Conservative)

Heather Dalziel (Lib Dem)

Marilyn Day (Ukip)

Jackie Edwards (Conservative)

Phillip Lucas (Lib Dem)

Richard Sheridan (Independent)

Martine Smid-Weevers (Green)

Darren Taylor (Labour)

Ann Williams (Labour)

Talbot and Branksome Woods

Lynda B-Price (Independent)

Philip Broadhead (Conservative)

Patrick Connolly (Labour)

Jago Corry (Labour)

David England (Lib Dem)

Matthew Gillett (Lib Dem)

Drew Mellor (Conservative)

Ruth Messer (Labour)

Yasmine Osbourne (Green)

Karen Rampton (Conservative)

Jana Sadeh (Lib Dem)

Wallisdown and Winton West

Ines Antunovic-Thomson (Lib Dem)

Matthew Burgess (Green)

Michael Cracknell (Labour)

Nigel Hedges (Conservative)

Chris Henderson (Green)

Lloyd Owen (Labour)

Susan Phillips (Conservative)

Martin Rodger (Lib Dem)

West Southbourne

Henry Castledine (Lib Dem)

Blair Crawford (Conservative)

Corrie Drew (Labour)

Bob Lawton (Conservative)

Lisa Lewis (Labour)

Chris Mayne (Independent)

Gary Mitchell (Lib Dem)

Westbourne and West Cliff

John Beesley (Conservative)

Patrick Canavan (Labour)

Phoebe Castledine (Lib Dem)

Liz Elwick (Green)

Nicola Greene (Conservative)

Stephen Sinsbury (Labour)

Laura Young (Lib Dem)

Winton East

Cameron Adams (Conservative)

Simon Bull (Green)

John Kingston (Labour)

Patrick Oakley (Conservative)

Cecilia Penn (Labour)

Chris Rigby (Green)