A WOMAN who was dubbed the 'real life Vicky Pollard' from TV's Little Britain for her delinquent teen behaviour is back behind bars 14 years later.

Chantelle Driver earned the nickname of Matt Lucas' character from the BBC comedy for her tearaway behaviour in Swanage.

Then aged 17, she was given an ASBO which she went on to breach nine times and ended up being jailed for it.

Driver, now a 31-year-old mother of two, has been sent to prison for ten months for her part in a brutal attack on a grandmother in her own home.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard Driver had remained out of trouble since her teens until the attack in November 2017.

She went to the home of Beverley Rees, a woman she did not know, to support her friend Jessica Ashurst in a family dispute.

The pair, along with a man called Matthew Moran, turned up at the property late at night "fuelled by alcohol".

When Ms Rees opened the door the group barged in.

The two women pinned the victim by her chest, arm and throat and pulled her hair, while Moran went into the house.

Ms Rees tried to get her mobile phone from her pocket to call the police but it was knocked from her hand.

Driver then left the scene and was not a part of the second more serious assault against Ms Rees that took place outside on the driveway.

Ms Rees suffered bruising, suspected fractures and ongoing neurological issues.

In a victim impact statement she said: "Apart from Jessica Ashurst, these people didn't know me and the fact they could assault me I find horrifying. I can't understand that they would think it's reasonable to force their way into someone's home."

Driver had denied a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm but was found guilty following a trial.

Nicola Talbot-Hadley, defending Driver, said: "She very much regrets her part in the incident. Her intention was to support her friend.

"They were fuelled by alcohol, their behaviour was aggressive in the extreme. It was a wholly disproportionate response to a grievance that wasn't even to do with her.

"She has worked hard to turn herself around since her young offending. Even probation considered this episode to be an 'aberration' not something that's going to lead her back into that past of offending."

In jailing her judge Stephen Climie described Driver as "arrogant" giving evidence at trial.

He said: "Taking the law into your own hands will almost always result in immediate custodial sentences and attacking a near defenceless older woman."

Driver wailed 'no' as she was led away to the cells. Ashurst was jailed for three years and three months for two offences of ABH.

As a teen Driver was arrested 20 times in four years for a string of offences, including assaulting a police officer, punching two boys, threatening a nine-year-old girl and brandishing a knife at a foreign student.

Authorities then tried to control her lawless behaviour by issuing an ASBO, which banned her from Swanage town centre.

When Little Britain was aired in 2003, locals in Swanage started comparing her to character Vicky Pollard, whose catchphrase was "yeah but, no but..."