THE SPUR Road's new average speed cameras still aren't working – almost two months after the council said they'd be switched on.

Six average speed cameras have been installed on the A338 to support the new permanent 50mph speed limit, which came into effect in August 2018.

Three cameras have been positioned on the southbound carriageway between the Blackwater Junction and Cooper Dean Roundabout, with three further cameras mirroring these on the northbound carriageway.

In January, Gary Powell, the senior responsible officer for work along the A338, said the cameras should be working within around a fortnight.

However, they are still not working due to problems with the power supply.

Mr Powell said: "The new average speed cameras on the A338 have been successfully installed and calibrated.

"However, due to ongoing issues with their permanent connection to the mains power supply, they are not currently operational.

"Road users will be informed prior to them going live and any changes will be properly signposted.

"Once live, they will be managed by Dorset Police and support the 40mph limit in place for the duration of the works.

"Following completion of the road works, they will remain in place in support of the new 50mph speed limit.

"In the meantime, we encourage drivers to drive carefully and pay close attention to the signage, which is in place for the safety of our operatives working on the site.’’

Speaking in January, Councillor Daryl Turner, cabinet member for the natural and built environment, said: “These cameras will help make the Blackwater slip roads safer and easier to use by regulating the speed of traffic through the area.

“By travelling at a consistent speed, drivers will also be helping to improve the flow of traffic as well as reducing emissions.”