A LARGE European Eagle Owl, named Brexit by handlers at a Ringwood-based falconry centre, has flown the coop.

The 6lb bird made a break for it after becoming 'spooked' during a flying demonstration at Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre last Monday.

Initially the two-and-a-half-year-old owl, which was born and raised at the centre, spent a number of hours in a nearby tree.

However, she has since flown off and her owners are now anxious to her from anyone who has seen her.

With a wing span more than 5ft, Brexit – who fled without securing any deal – will not be hard to spot.

Centre co-owner Lynda Bridge said: "While Brexit’s size may seem alarming, like most owls she is a very lazy hunter, so local cats and children have absolutely nothing to worry about. That said, the wild population of rabbits and pheasants are probably keen for her to be returned to the safety of the centre - as are we.

"We are just hoping she hasn’t gone all the way to Brussels to finalise the negotiations herself, as she doesn’t have her passport with her to get back in."

If you spot Brexit do not approach, instead make a note of her location and call Liberty’s on 01425 476487.