THE dream of every science fiction nerd, a plan has been put forward to build a laboratory in a suburban garage.

It doesn't appear this one will be used for time travel, contacting aliens, shrinking children or battling ghosts however.

According to the application for the property in Strouden Avenue, Bournemouth, the owners run a research firm called Wimborne Research Ltd, but have been forced to move from their previous premises.

The application, put together by agent Sam Hoida of Watts Holt, says: "An occupational lease on a former commercial unit that was too large and unaffordable has come to an end, the business cannot continue its advances in medical research without finding a much smaller space to meet its requirements.

"The processes used for the research fall into a category of ‘micro analysis’.

"Micro samples of urine and blood are prepared and tested on site for special markers for the benefit of people with various health problems.

"Advances in modern technology have led to laboratory apparatus requiring much less space, also the processes have become more advanced and are less intensive, therefore the entire laboratory can fit comfortably into the subject premises, without any potential for negative impacts on neighbouring occupiers."

The applicants have already walled up the garage and as well as change of use consent are seeking planning permission for this exterior work.

Their bid says council policy "notes that there are many small employment sites spread across the borough and the continued loss of these sites could potentially have a significant impact on the health of the local economy".

"In recent years a considerable amount of employment land has been lost to other uses, predominantly housing."