IT’S about time we stopped reading the tripe that social media spews at us and read the papers instead.

Like most readers I expect you are swamped with social media posts telling you what you already think. Like a social club, algorithms now reliably build group think, ensuring no one gets in unless they are already card carriers.

As an undergraduate I was always taught to read from several sources before I formed a view – I think it’s really important we hear from those we don't normally agree with, so that means papers we think we don't agree with. But it’s news, huh? What's to debate about facts? Only trump thinks there are alternative facts.

Luckily the web means we can scan reporting from papers everywhere of any colour.

If we want to agree how we get past the Gordian knot of Brexit, we need to find ways to hear what each other are saying, trust each other’s sincerity in wanting the best for the country then embrace a moment for everyone to speak after a horrid mess driven by powerful people with vested interests.

ADAM PETER HOODS, Wentworth Avenue, Bournemouth