FORTY-seven years since the release of their first single and 10cc are still treading the boards and wowing their audience.

The evening kicked off with Paul Canning performing a 30-minute set of self-penned acoustic numbers. Paul provided a teasing, light-hearted introduction to each of his numbers, and delivered a polished assured performance, which was a perfect precursor to the main event.

A video introduction kept the audience transfixed and they hardly noticed 10cc coming onto stage until they struck up with The Wall Street Shuffle which was quickly followed by some early monster hits; Art for Art’s Sake, Life is a Minestrone and Good Morning Judge. Each song was personalised with an introduction that gave a little bit of insight into the recording, video or inspiration that lead to the song.

Graham Gouldman, the only original member of the band, took centre stage for the majority of the show with his bass guitar, occasionally swapping it for acoustic and electric guitars. There were a couple of friendly digs between him and lead guitarist Rick Fenn about grey hair and age which both served as reminder to the longevity of the music and the age of the fan base (well, me at least!)

Every number was performed to perfection with each musician given the chance to showcase their talent with extras such as long searing guitar solos at the beginning and end of Arts and the ability to pick up and perform on a multitude of instruments.

Old Wild Men had prophetic undertones and an emphasised prog rock feel along with Somewhere in Hollywood in which Kevin Godley sang lead via a projected image almost convincing us he was on stage. The guys even threw in a bit of synchronised guitar dancing during Baron Samedi.

The end of the set was coming all too quickly and gained momentum with I’m Mandy Fly me, I’m Not in Love and my personal favourite Dreadlock Holiday. A three-song encore included the well received a cappella version of Donna which was packed with visual gags, and the final song? Rubber Bullets of course, which rocked the venue ensuring that the crowd left with sirens ringing in their ears and big smile across their faces.

If you only get chance to see one live show this year, make it a 10cc show.

By Simon Durham