A TEENAGE driver was involved in two hit-and-run crashes in a month – including one which left a man with a fractured arm.

Hartley Wiseman fled the scene after crashing into a street bench in New Milton.

Just weeks later, he skidded into the path of an oncoming vehicle, causing a crash which left the other driver with a hairline fracture in his wrist.

Despite originally stopping, the 18-year-old fled as the injured driver went back to his car to get his insurance details.

Appearing at Southampton Magistrates’ Court, Wiseman pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to stop at the scene of a crash.

The court heard Wiseman’s first crash took place on August 2 last year when Wiseman was driving his Renault Clio on Fernhill Lane, New Milton.

Prosecutor Liam Hunter said Wiseman crashed into a bin, a bench and a road sign near Brook Avenue, adding two people were seen “running from the vehicle”.

The court was told how the second crash took place on August 24, when Wiseman was driving the same car on Christchurch Road, New Milton.

Witnesses saw Wiseman’s Clio swerve into the path of oncoming traffic, before crashing into a moving vehicle.

Mr Hunter said Wiseman didn't inform police of either of the crashes.

In mitigation, Jane Hiatt told the court that Wiseman had left the car at the scene of the first crash and had gone to stay at the nearby home of a friend.

She said Wiseman “did not realise” he had a duty to stay.

Speaking about the second crash, Hiatt said Wiseman had clipped a kerb and lost of control of the vehicle, sending him into a skid.

Addressing why Wiseman left, she said: “There were a group of people shouting at him.”

Wiseman, of Raleigh Road, New Milton, is due to be sentenced, on March 13.