Daily Echo editor Andy Martin and audience and content editor Will Frampton are going head-to-head on Brexit. Today, Will argues why Brexit is best for Britain...

THE EU was created to allow Europe’s political class to push its agreed agenda with a minimum of scrutiny, dissent or democratic input.

‘Stronger in’ was the slogan of the Remain campaign, but ‘stronger in’ for whom?

As long as the British political class is aligned with the EU-wide consensus it will indeed be stronger within the EU, hence its tooth and nail fight to overturn the largest vote for anything in British history – a vote backed by poorer and less educated people, whose only power is at the ballot box.

Via the unelected commission, and the neutered talking shop the EU calls a parliament, national governments can introduce legislation bypassing voters entirely.

The contempt for democracy at the heart of the project shines through.

Just two examples – in 2015 the Greek public voted by 61 per cent to reject the EU’s ‘austerity’ bailout plan. An even harsher plan was duly imposed upon them, with the complicity of their craven government.

Mario Monti, the former EU commissioner appointed as Italy’s prime minister for two years, was never elected to any post.

Under the EU, any political voice breaking from the consensus is dismissed and demonised as ‘far right’ or ‘populist’, for which read popular but not on message.

Our 'betters' want to lead, and they aren't interested in our opinions.

We all want Europe to be prosperous, peaceful and a great place to live, but democracy must be at the heart of this.

The alternative is not only morally wrong, because it is unfair, but it will also fail to deliver.

Europe's growth lags badly behind that of our peers, the Euro is a colossal failure and social tensions are rising across the continent.

This is what happens when politicians think they know best, and actively avoid consulting their peoples.

‘Take back control’ was the Leave slogan, it was the chief cause cited in polls by Leavers prior to, during and since the referendum.

The people want their voice heard, and we should trust the people – us – to make the decisions.

We need more democracy, not less. More representation, more devolution, more states. More voices, more alternatives.

Every expansion of suffrage in Europe's history has resulted in increased prosperity and quality of life.

It may be a risk to have a little faith, but nothing of value has ever been achieved without it.

As in the past, Britain and Europe should set an example for the world.

The alternative is to stay stuck in the 20th century, and watch Europe's new aristocracy play out its superpower fantasies as we slide into global irrelevance.

  • Daily Echo editor Andy Martin's rebuttal to this column will appear online tomorrow