ROGUE jet-skiers could kill someone enjoying the sea near Bournemouth Pier, a surfer has warned.

Gary Elford, chair of Wessex Surf Club, spoke out after jet-skis were videoed dangerously circling surfers and paddleboarders near the beach on Sunday afternoon.

However, one jet-skier pictured by members of the public said he has been “accidentally framed”. Photos of Brad Atwill, chair of Poole Harbour Freeriders, said those responsible come from a Dorset-based club “notorious” for such behaviour.

Mr Elford, who filmed the incident from the beach, said there were some 14 jet-skis in the water at one point, although only two or three riders caused problems. Asked if he is concerned that there will be injuries, he replied: “One hundred per cent.

“A lot of people use the water throughout the year now – surfers, swimmers, even divers and kayakers go in all year round. My concern is that someone is injured or killed, definitely.”

He said he wants a specific area for powered watercraft to be established to prevent any collisions. There are bylaws preventing powered watercraft from ‘endangering other beach users’, but the regulations are only in force between April and October.

“You see jet-skis racing along at 40 knots. If a diver or a swimmer were to surface, it could be terrible,” he said.

Bournemouth Echo:

Surfers enjoy Sunday's sunshine

Jerry Davis, who is a member of a Poole jet-ski club, said rogue riders give the sport a bad reputation. “What those people did near the surfers was downright dangerous,” he said.

“You can see from the pictures and the videos – they’re right on top of them. It’s just wrong.” He also claimed the same jet-ski club is responsible for the incident.

Mr Atwill said: “There are two main jet-ski groups around here.

“I’m from the Poole-based group. When we got to the pier at around 1.30pm on Sunday, there were around 10 or 15 people from the other group already there racing about and jumping.

“I’m not in the video taken by the surfer, but I did go out after that. I’ve been accidentally framed.”

Bournemouth Borough Council is working with Dorset Police to investigate the incident.