AN INDIAN family which has lost valuable gold in two separate raids has warned others to be on their guard.

They fear they have been specifically targeted due to their heritage and claim more should be done to alert others to the risks.

Burglars first targeted one home, ransacking the property and fleeing with thousands of pounds worth of gold jewellery on Sunday January 20.

Two days later the victim's elderly parents were targeted and raiders took tens of thousands of pounds worth of gold jewellery and valuable gold Krugerrand coins.

The family does not wish to be identified but lives in the east Dorset area.

One family member told the Daily Echo: "On both occasions we think they were being watched. The burglaries took place when the homes were empty, even though there would normally have been someone in at the time.

"Also, both properties are overlooked and are not easy to break in to without being seen. One is in a quiet cul-de-sac and it seems too much of a risk unless they knew what they were looking for."

She said she is speaking out to warn others after police told her there have been other similar break-ins.

"It is known that Indian people have a lot of gold which we wear to occasions such as family weddings" she added.

"Some of the items taken from my parents have been handed down for several generations so there is also huge sentimental value to the items.

"I wanted to let people know about this so they can take precautions. These people are going to continue to get away with it time and time again if we are not careful."

A spokesman for Dorset Police confirmed reports of both burglaries had been received.

He said items stolen include a Swiss Army knife, cash and jewellery and added: "We would urge anyone with valuable items to make sure they are kept securely.

"Keep a written record of any valuable jewellery pieces and take photographs as this will aid police in returning any stolen property, as well as making it difficult for burglars to sell on items without detection."