THE conurbation's 'Boris-bike' style cycle share will start this spring.

Bournemouth Borough Council and the Borough of Poole have signed a five-year contract with bike share operator Beryl, which will eventually see around 1,000 bikes operating by this summer.

Initially, in May, 50 brand new bikes will be distributed for use a key locations, including rail and bus stations, town centre shopping areas and tourist attractions.

Yesterday, the partnership was officially launched at Bournemouth Town Hall.

Bournemouth council transport cabinet member Cllr Mike Greene, who tried out one of the new bikes during the launch, said: "I am delighted that we are partnering with Beryl to deliver an innovative bike share solution for our conurbation.

"The scheme will be a convenient, flexible and affordable option for both residents and visitors to our area."

The Beryl bikes have three speed gears, with fully-adjustable handlebars and seats for a wide range of riders, from 4ft 11ins to 6ft 5ins.

Customers will download an App, either on the Apple app store for iPhone, or the Google Play Store for Android, enabling them to pay each time they cycle, or take up annual membership.

Users will be informed of the location of 'Beryl Bays', the preferred parking locations to leave the bikes.

All you have to do is scan your smartphone over a reader connected to the bikes, and off you go.

The costs, although unannounced at this time, are understood to be cheaper than local bus fares.

Riders can park bikes outside of designated bays, provided they are within the overall scheme area.

Beryl chief operating officer Philip Ellis said: "We are really pleased to be working with Bournemouth Borough Council and Borough of Poole to bring our bike share system to the area.

"We will be calling on our experience working with world-class bike share schemes, such as those in London and New York, to provide the best service possible in Bournemouth and Poole."

The company Beryl has been a lighting and technology partner of Transport for London's bike share scheme, and provided lights to hire bikes in New York, Montreal and Glasgow.

They also operate two corporate dockless bike schemes in London.

BOP transport cabinet member Ian Potter said: "I am looking forward to trying the Beryl bikes and am certain that the ability to hop on and off will prove attractive in encouraging more people to take up cycling."