AT the planning board meeting held on Monday January 28 to discuss the council's A338 Wessex Fields scheme, council officers presented figures for the expected traffic increase around the hospital and Wessex Fields area into the next decade, with and without the proposed new roads.

What they did not show was the expected increase in traffic that would be generated by the scheme's intended business park. Nor did they produce the figures when asked by a member of the planning board.

Opposition to the council's plans in large part concern the impact on the local roads network to be caused by the new business park, not the hospital's call for their own connection with the A338.

If an outside applicant came before the council's planning board it would hardly be acceptable not to provide full details of expected traffic figures when requested.

In this case, of course, the applicant is the council itself, this conflict of interest being the main reason for objectors' – including Tobias Ellwood MP – call for an independent public inquiry.


Throop Road, Bournemouth