STAFF and stallholders at the Quayside Emporium were hit with bombshell news this week.

They were told by management on Monday that the lease to the property is not being renewed, effectively putting them all out of work.

Around ten members of staff have lost their jobs.

When the Daily Echo spoke to manager/owner Joanne Bateman earlier this week, she said she would be releasing a statement explaining the latest developments.

On Saturday, we received a statement which said trading had ceased at the emporium "due to the poor health of the director".

"It has been a reluctant decision, and I would like to pay huge credit to the fantastic regular customers we have had, my amazing team of staff that have unfortunately had to find new jobs, and the resident pitch holders we have had throughout our three-and-a-half years of trading."

Meanwhile, dozens of stallholders who made up the two-level emporium have also lost their livelihoods.

However, one member of staff – who contacted the Echo and asked not to be named – said: “On Monday she gave a message out to all her staff and stallholders saying the business was closing immediately, with instant dismissal for staff.

“Stallholders were told they could collect their belongings and that was basically it.

“She couldn’t give any answers of money owed to anyone.

“The whole building has been rented out as individual stalls, so each of them pays rent to them every month.

“At the end of the month they were meant to be paid for their stock sold.”

When the Echo visited the emporium on Wednesday stock had clearly been removed from shelving.

The Quayside Emporium is billed online as the “home of great arts, gifts, souvenirs and more unique treasures on Poole Quay”.

On its website, the business says: “Now well established on Poole Quay, our Victorian warehouse is full to the brim of local traders and artisans with goods ranging from various artworks, glassware, homemade jewellery, wood work, clothing, Lego, decoupage, driftwood sculptures and many more unique treasures worth exploring.”