THE planning meeting to discuss the proposed A338 junction was a classic meeting demonstrating the gap between the public, the councillors, the officers and rational decision making.

I spoke at the planning meeting on Monday and I might as well have stood in silence. There was nothing that could have been said that could have influenced the councillors' decision.

It was repeatedly said by councillors 'we know that roads fill up and become congested' - yes - within 5 years - but then they agreed to build this one anyway. (Apart from Cllr Simon Bull that said 'no'). How is that rational?

Hospital staff and patients are desperate for something that will help the situation. This £9 million of public money could have been spent on sustainable transport to resolve congestion for 30 to 100 years, instead they are giving in to a select few that wish this road built, no matter what the cost, and only to alleviate congestion for about five years.

Hospital staff - do you know that the reason for building this road is because they are planning on building offices for 2,000 new jobs on Wessex Fields (most will be local people using Castle Lane)?

And anyone using Castle Lane - did you know that your journeys will still be unreliable, just as susceptible to congestion and gridlock as now, because of the hospital expansion and the 2,000 new jobs at Wessex Fields and induced traffic?

Get involved and ask for a better solution.


Middle Road, Poole