COUNCILLORS have described of the logo for the new Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council as “truly pitiful”.

The new unitary authority revealed its final design on Twitter on Monday and chose none of the much-criticised concepts it had consulted on in November.

However, the new logo has again drawn criticism from councillors with one comparing it to a snowstorm.

The council held an initial consultation in November seeking views on its branding design, saying that a logo was "essential" for it to be able to provide services.

Despite this, it has been criticised by two councillors who describe it as "uninspiring".

Poole councillor Mark Howell questioned the choice of design, comparing it to a blizzard, which he said was unsuitable for an area with “a strong summer tourist industry”.

"It looks like the conurbation is sitting under a snowstorm on a weather map,” he said. “It makes me shiver when I look at it.

"How does an authority for an area with a strong summer tourist industry end up selecting a logo that looks like a snowstorm?

"The logo is so uninspiring the new council will surely dump both the BCP abbreviation and logo design."

Meanwhile, Bournemouth councillor Nick Rose, who had criticised the initial concept ideas published in November, described the final design as "truly pitiful" and "a complete waste of money".

Julian Osgathorpe, the new council’s corporate services director, said that the final design had taken the views of the public, staff and councillors into account.

He said: “We know that design is always very subjective and everyone has different tastes and opinions.

“We are happy that the chosen design has taken as many different views into account as possible and is a strong and recognisable logo for the new council, setting out the shape of our brand new borough, and we are very proud of it.

“In developing the launch logo, we listened to the feedback on the early concept ideas that we received from the public as well as staff and councillors.

“This told us that people favoured the clear and concise ‘BCP Council’ as part of the brand, as well as wanting the new council’s logo to reflect the area, the coastline and three distinct towns.”

The shadow authority, which is overseeing the transition into the new council, is forecasting that it will spend £80,000 on branding before the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council is established.