DO NEW or modernised houses really need to be lit up?

So many new builds and updated homes now seem to need multiple LEDs all over them to light them way beyond what is needed for security.

I wonder if showing off is the reason? Several homes near me have over 20 outside lights that not only cast light onto neighbouring homes but look terrible, cause light pollution for birds etc and above all wastes such a lot of electricity.

One LED is low wattage but 20 per house times the ever increasing number of flashy new homes with them is ridiculous and over the whole country must cost millions.

In a time where we are supposedly caring for the environment by not using plastic why do ostentatious people have this urge to illuminate their homes and Mercedes all year round?

One house near me has been lit up all day and night for the last week and they are not even home.

Presumably they have flown abroad to to produce even more carbon dioxide.

This cannot go on if the UK is to reduce its emissions.

C PUGH St Osmunds Road, Poole