A PEDESTRIAN crossing in a busy Christchurch road remains out-of-action four months after it was installed – and now more disruption is expected before it becomes operational.

Highways officers admitted further work was necessary at the site in Somerford Road after “unforeseen issues” had emerged.

The delivery of the additional puffin crossing caused major disruption while it was built in August and September last year.

Since then the signals have not been in use but some pedestrians have made their way across the 40 miles per hour road in the area outside the Meteor Retail Park.

After months of dormancy, Dorset County Council has now confirmed additional construction work is needed before the signals can become operational.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “A new signal controlled pedestrian crossing for Somerford Road was completed in 2018. However, unforeseen issues arose which has delayed the crossing from being fully operational.

“Further design work indicates that some additional construction work is needed. This will be carried out early this year to enable the properly functioning traffic signals to be turned on.

“Unfortunately, this additional construction work will inevitably cause some traffic disruption, to ensure the safety of the travelling public and the workforce. Details of the works will be advertised and made known to members of the public as soon as possible.”

Cllr Lesley Dedman said the location of the puffin crossing, with a bus stop and junctions nearby, was “chaos waiting to happen”.

After the traffic signals had been installed, one Christchurch resident claimed the crossing breached highways regulations, however Dorset County Council dismissed these accusations.

The crossing was installed as part of the agreed planning requirements for the developers of the Meteor Retail Park.

Initially a different traffic management proposal had been suggested with three-way lights at the junction with Wilverley Road.

County councillor David Jones echoed the concerns raised by Cllr Dedman. He told the Daily Echo he planned to raise the prolonged period of inactivity with the crossing with officers.

Cllr Jones said: “The earlier proposal would have been much safer and I would like to see the developers work to deliver that.

“Traffic is a big issue in this part of the borough.”