HUNDREDS of used tyres were dumped at one of Dorset's smallest nature reserves just days before Christmas.

Some 400 tyres were fly-tipped at Holton Heath, the home of charity Liveability Holton Lee, in the early hours of December 21.

Those responsible also ripped out recently-installed CCTV cameras, which had been put in place to deter criminals who dump their rubbish at the site.

Mike Marks, who lives in Poole, took photographs of the tyres while walking with his wife around the beauty spot.

Mr Marks said the tyres have been dumped in a remote spot.

He said: "It's an absolutely beautiful place - it's very peaceful and popular with walkers.

"On Christmas Day, we went for a walk there and we were amazed to see the tyres.

"They've been left quite a way off the main walkway, although it would have been straightforward enough to get there with a vehicle.

"I'm sure whoever did this must have used a massive lorry or taken nine or ten van trips."

In recent months, asbestos was dumped at the reserve, while in February a green Kawasaki Mule worth some £6,000 was stolen from Livability.

The vehicle had been with the charity for a decade and was donated through a trust. The thieves gained entry after breaking a lock.

Police believe the break-in had been planned as security lights were removed from a wall before the vehicle was stolen.

Livability supports people with disabilities from Poole.

"This latest mindless incursion onto the reserve must have taken hours or numerous vehicles," Mr Marks said.

"Someone must know something."

Volunteers for the charity "just don't deserve this", he said.

"They work so hard to help others. Someone must be able to shed some light on the matter," he added.

Anyone with information on the fly-tipping should report it to the council via