A DRIVER who was caught using his phone at the wheel in North Dorset blamed his wife for phoning him while being given a ticket.

The driver was stopped by an officer from Dorset Police's No Excuse team in Gillingham on December 20.

A spokesperson for the team said: "As he is in the back of the police car, he asks to make a phone call.

"He then phoned his wife and blamed her for getting a £200 fine and six points as she phoned him.

"Needless to say, it was explained that it was his fault and not hers."

They added: "If you were to phone someone and you knew they were driving (and not on hands-free). What would you do?"

The No Excuse road safety campaign aims to stop dangerous driving by tackling the ‘fatal five’ – speeding, failure to wear seatbelts, driving using a phone, drink/drug driving, and careless or inconsiderate driving.