HOMELESS people in Bournemouth were treated to warming bowls of jam roly poly delivered by Harry Redknapp and his wife, Sandra on Thursday evening.

The King of the Jungle has been “inundated” with the puddings since his I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! win earlier this month.

The kind-hearted Sandbanks resident wanted to donate them to Bournemouth homelessness charity Hope for Food.

He came along to the soup kitchen at Sacred Heart Church yesterday evening to help volunteers serve some of the pudding, which was homemade by Sandra.

Speaking to the Daily Echo at the church, Harry said: “We got sent so much jam roly poly pudding that we thought we’d bring it up to the Sacred Heart Church tonight for Hope for Food, and the people are all enjoying their jam roly polys.

“There’s enough here to feed an army so it’s good.

“Last year we came to support Hope for Food. Sandra does a lot of cooking, and I enjoy coming along. There’s a lot of good people who are not as fortunate as we are so don’t ignore them at Christmas, please. If you see anyone homeless, buy them a cup of tea or coffee or a bowl of soup.”

Asked if he had now got sick of his favourite pudding after being sent so much of it, he added: “No, I still love it.”

Hope for Food, which is run entirely by volunteers, organises soup kitchens five times a week for up to 100 homeless people.

The charity’s founder, Claire Matthews, said she hoped Harry’s appearance last night would help raise the profile of the charity.

“We’re in need more than ever. I don’t know if the numbers [of homeless people] have grown, but our service is in need because we started doing two soup kitchens a week, and we’re now doing five. We’re feeding in between 60 and 100 for each night.”

She said the amount of people attending the soup kitchens had risen by 27 per cent in the last six weeks alone.

“Harry helps our charity. He did our toy appeal last year, but he’s been inundated with jam roly polys after winning I’m A Celebrity, and he’s donated them to us. But his wife has made some for tonight for the guys on the street. She’s done two big trays.

“They’re an absolutely lovely couple,” she added.

Sandra even revealed her jam roly poly recipe to the Echo.

“When I make it, I use suet, sugar and self-raising flour; roll it out, spread it with jam, cut them in slices, or you can do it whole. Then steam it or put it in the oven with a bain-marie and cook it, and then put custard on top - that’s it.”

She added: “Harry was speaking in the jungle about things he liked to eat, which was jam roly polys and spotted dick, and it’s just gone crazy from there.

“I think he has re-invented the jam roly poly! That’s the sort of food we used to have when we were young so it’s comfort food, and it’s nostalgic.”

To volunteer for Hope for Food, or to find out more about the charity, visit hopeforfood.org.uk, or search Hope for Food on Facebook.