It’s been around forty years since the nutty boys hit the stage and started off on a journey that may have had a few pit stops but on tonight’s showing its is still motoring on down the road.

Some of the crowd have grown up and grown older with the band, some were not born in the eighties and have been bought along with their parents, but for one night only the BIC was transformed into a House of Fun for all.

I am certain that every single person enjoyed every last second of tonight’s gig regardless of age or normal musical taste (there were a few people in Iron Maiden and Motörhead t-shirts who were having a ball).

A set list that covered everything from Prince Buster to Mr Apples provided all of the old favourites whilst showing the band can still write and perform a tune right up there with the best.

The venue was packed with the crowd finding it difficult if not impossible to sit or stand still to favourites Baggy Trousers, Our House, House of Fun and my all time favourite Madness song Bed and Breakfast Man just as it’s impossible not to sing along to main set closer It Must Be Love.

Woody had hardly left the stage before the rest of the band were on their way back for a robust version of Madness followed by show closer Night Boat to Cairo. A great night with most of the crowd still bouncing as they headed off into the night.