THE Dorset for Europe Group will be campaigning in Bournemouth today (Saturday, December 8) for a 'People's Vote' on the Brexit deal.

Dorset for Europe will be running street stalls in Bournemouth town centre, under the clock opposite Monsoon in Old Christchurch Road, and at Boscombe shopping precinct.

Both events are set for 11am-2pm.

A group spokesman said: "In a matter of days, MPs will vote to decide the future of this country.

"We know that this Brexit deal isn’t a good deal for Britain. We’ve already seen independent economic forecasts which show that the government’s deal will leave us poorer, with less money for our public services.

"Whichever way people voted two-and-a-half years ago, nobody voted this deal, which delivers the exact opposite of what was promised.

"The UK would lose all its rights as an EU member, with less trade, fewer opportunities and lower living standards – while suffering the biggest loss of sovereignty and control in British history."