DISTRICT chiefs are working to organise a residents' meeting, to address concerns about rising crime and anti-social behaviour in Springbourne.

Earlier this week the Echo reported how small businesses in the Bournemouth district, particularly in and around Holdenhurst Road, were feeling abandoned, left to deal with growing 'drug-fuelled' crime.

Independent traders told the Daily Echo that they felt 'under-siege' at times and needed help.

Yesterday, Bournemouth Borough Council ward member for East Cliff and Springbourne, Cllr Anne Filer, said she was concerned about the issues raised in the Echo, and that she was already working to organise a residents' meeting.

Cllr Filer said: "As ward councillors we are very concerned, but it will need to be looked at with the various agencies concerned and see what the problem is.

"We have many active residents in that area, we will be calling a residents meeting as soon as possible - and those traders affected will be welcome to attend."

Meanwhile, a resident that has lived on Holdenhurst Road for eight years said the area had gradually gotten worse.

He added: "I myself went to a meeting with a councillor and police in the summer in the library.

"Three of us walked to Tesco five minutes later and there was two beggars, one drug dealer and two shoplifters."

David Walters, of We Fix, Holdenhurst Road, had his door kicked in earlier in the summer.

This attempted burglary came months after a similar attack.

"I've been here seven years," he told the Daily Echo. "We used to get a few people from a halfway house down the road coming, sitting on the wall over the road and drinking.

"But now we get people walking up and down here and they're like zombies, they're on drugs."

Mandy Norris, owner of Springbourne's Cherries Cafe, is facing hefty costs after a burglary at her Curzon Road premises last month.

Mandy said: "I hear about burglaries and vandalism on Holdenhurst Road and this area daily; my customers are always telling me that another shop has had its window's kicked in or its door smashed.