AN aerial perspective of the zig zag path at Highcliffe Castle reveals the work that is now well under way to rebuild the site.

The aerial photograph was taken by Stephen Bath.

Contractors Earlcoate Construction and Plant Hire Ltd started work last month following a long campaign by residents to get the path reinstated.

Christchurch council initially decided to shelve the scheme, which will see the coastal pathway restored to its former glory, in August 2017.

Concerns over the expected £1.25m cost led to members of the community committee narrowly voting to close it.

But, following a hard-fought campaign by residents, led by the Rothesay Residents’ Association, and Friends of Highcliffe Beaches and Cliffs, which included a petition signed by 3,000 people, the council did a U-turn.

In February this year, £884,500 was budgeted to fund the work, and members backed a full rebuild.

The path closed suddenly in March 2017, after a similar closure the year before in August 2016. The work is scheduled to be completed by April.