BOSNIAN War survivor Resad Trbonja has spoken of his experiences to staff and students at Bournemouth University.

Mr Trbonha, now a coordinator for UK-based charity Remembering Srebrenica, served in the army as a 19-year-old Bosnian in 1995.

His home town, Sarejevo, was laid siege to be the Yugoslav People's Army and later the Bosnian Serbs.

Speaking at the university's Talbot Campus, he said: "There is nothing about war that you can predict. Every day in the war is totally different.

"Sarajevans were bombarded, scarred, killed by snipers, all sorts of methods that you can’t even imagine."

He also explained how divisions between friends and neighbours exploded into violence.

"We lived next to each other for centuries, saying hi and bye, sharing Eid, sharing Easter and sharing Christmas.

"Society was so well integrated that Christian households wouldn’t keep pork because they knew that if they did, their Muslim friends and neighbours wouldn’t be able to come and share lunch with them.

"And yet, we ended up killing each other so beautifully."

Bournemouth Council's equality and diversity manager Sam Johnson organised the event, alongside the university's head of community partnerships, Ian Jones.