A NEW podcast aims to help listeners with the fear that comes with the freedom of being retired.

The Retirement Cafe is hosted by Justin King of the Christchurch-based retirement planner MFP Wealth Management.

The podcast aims to answer questions people ask themselves in “3am moments” – such as what kind of care they would want if the time came, whether they are making the most of their time, what kind of funeral would be right for them and whether they can afford to live the lifestyle they want for another 30 years.

Mr King – a chartered financial planner and accredited later life adviser Chartered Financial Planner and Accredited Later Life Adviser – said: “Retirement life represents a huge opportunity to grow as you are freed from the ties of work.

“In my experience, with this new-found freedom can come a lot of fear. Fear of the unknown, of what lies ahead, of the person you will become and the challenges that ageing brings. The Retirement Café Podcast aims to help people feel more informed and confident about all aspects of their retirement.”

The podcast aims to recognise that retirement is not just a financial event, but a life-changing process that requires you to plan, adapt and address challenges and opportunities.

Each episode will feature an interview offering tips, information and guidance.

The podcast follows a series of Retirement Cafe events launched by Mr King 18 months ago. By bringing together experts on topics from dementia to powers of attorney, and from retirement planning to funding care, it offered information and guidance which aimed to help people feel more confident and informed.

Those events took place over free coffee and cake at a Christchurch hotel.

Twenty-three per cent of today’s population is aged 60 or over and the majority of those 15million people are retired.

The podcast will launch on Tuesday, November 27, with an interview about inheritance tax planning with Kurt Lee of Bournemouth-based Lester Aldridge.

The Retirement Cafe Podcast can be found on all major podcast players, or by visiting theretirementcafe.co.uk

An introductory episode with Mr King explaining what to expect can be found at theretirementcafe.co.uk/podcast-launch/