THE stories of Christchurch Cadet leaders and volunteers are being shared across the country as part of a new campaign promoting youth work.

St John Ambulance volunteers are taking part in Youth Work Week 2018 by laying down a challenge for their counterparts across the country.

The nation’s leading first aid charity builds generations of life savers through its Badger and Cadet groups; aimed at seven to ten-year-olds and 11 to 17-year-olds, respectively, and some of the county’s youth leaders have been photographed with messages to say why they support the first aid charity’s youth programmes, complete with the hashtag #WhyIYouthLead, to spread the word via social media.

Their photos – along with others from all over England – will be used as part of a St John Ambulance recruitment drive in early 2019, and for the organisation's involvement in Youth Work Week 2018, to celebrate the achievements and impact of their work.

Simon Foot, 18, who volunteers with Christchurch Cadets, is St John's Ambulance East District Cade of the Year, and Emma-Kate Rickard, 38, who manages Christchurch Cadet Unit, are just some of those sharing their stories.

For more information on St John Ambulance’s work, including how to become a volunteer or make a donation to the charity, and details of training for the public, schools and businesses, visit or call 08700 104950.