IT is interesting to see more proposals coming forward from your readers regarding the naming of the super-council.

You kindly published a letter from me at the beginning of the year in which I suggested we should try finding a name that represented what we are rather than what we used to be and to avoid ˜the bleeding obvious” at all costs. This led to some interesting responses both in the paper and online. Not that anyone on the councils took any notice of course and the bleeding obvious it looks like being. This notwithstanding the increased printing costs associated with letterheads, bills and advertising a 30+ letter name, not to mention the painstaking waste of time when addressing a letter to the council.

Any chance of a change? How about Gold Coast? That’s what we are and this would be a great promotional name for our whole area. An added bonus could be that the savings on printing costs could be spent on the few pots of paint needed to provide the cycle lane on the prom which is so desperately needed.

ALAN BEAN, Elgin Road, Bournemouth