TWO children risked their lives when they climbed onto the roof of a bus in an "extremely dangerous stunt".

The pair, a boy and a girl both aged 13, were spotted atop the Morebus M1 service when it arrived at Poole Bus Station shortly before 6.50pm on October 30.

A member of the public recorded video of the incident, which shows the youngsters being helped down by police.

The youths were spotted aboard the bus, which started its journey at Castlepoint Shopping Park, as it travelled along Longfleet Road.

Shannon Clark, who captured footage of the incident, was at Poole Bus Station at around 7pm when she noticed two people on top of the bus as it pulled in.

She said: "We were waiting at the stop and the bus came in and they were on top of the bus already.

“They stayed low down and police were called and they were saying to them ‘We can see you'.

“The boy jumped down first and it took a little while for the girl to come down. People had started to notice and a man said ‘Is there actually someone on top of that bus or am I imagining it?'

“They must have been about 12 or 13 maybe.”

Police officers coaxed the youngsters down from the roof of the bus before they were put into a nearby police car.

Ms Clark added: “They got taken away in a police car. It was all over quite quickly.”

Adam Keen, the general manager of Morebus, said: "Two children were spotted on the roof of a bus entering Poole Bus Station recently, and had to be assisted down by police.

"They had climbed onto the roof from a bus shelter whilst the vehicle was stationary and the driver was unaware.

"Thankfully neither sustained injuries. This kind of stunt is extremely dangerous and will not be tolerated.

"Our buses are equipped with CCTV, which we will use to identify anyone behaving in this manner - and any footage will be passed on to the police.”

A spokesperson from Dorset Police said: "We were called by a member of the public to reports of two teenagers riding on the top of a moving bus as it travelled along Longfleet Road, Poole.

"Officers attended and located the bus at Poole Bus Station, as well as the teenage boy and girl involved.

"Both youths, who were aged 13, were spoken to and then returned home. The bus company was spoken to and no further action was taken.

"No arrests were made."

Poole Inspector Ady Thompson said: “It should be nothing short of obvious that jumping onto the roof of a moving bus is an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

“Sadly, it is these types of antics that can end in tragedy.”