THE idea of climbing into a car with a driver I do not really know would fill me with dread.

There is a way of getting home in a taxi and saving some money. If you find someone who lives on your route home or a bit further, you can call a taxi, either four-seater or eight-seater, and share the cost and you can get an idea of the cost before you travel.

But in this day and age, young girls especially should never take any chances of a lift from someone you do not know, even if you have been in contact online. If the vehicle was in an accident and you were hurt, the insurance company could refuse to pay out if they thought the vehicle had been used to give lifts for money. You do not know if the vehicle is safe on the road, if it has insurance even or an MOT or the driver in fact has a licence. It is all too up in the air.

Also all taxi/private hire drivers have to have a police check, medical and pass tests with the council and the vehicle has two MOTs per year.

It may be a few pounds cheaper, but is it worth the risk? I would advise my children/grandchildren to use a company they know control their network.


Tytherley Green, Bournemouth