SEVERAL businesses were targeted by thieves in Bournemouth overnight, including a café that has been burgled for the second time since it has been open.

Manager of Jungle Café in West Hill Road, Petr Kludka, discovered the front door of the premises had been smashed on Monday morning.

Burglars stole a card payment machine, cash from the till and a wallet. A number of tablets used by the café for online orders through Deliveroo and Uber Eats were also taken.

Also in the early hours of Monday morning, the Best One convenience store on the corner of Poole Hill was broken into.

One of the store’s windows was smashed and cash and a bottle of alcohol was stolen.

Police arrested a 39-year-old man on suspicion of burglary following the incident.

There was also an attempted break-in at JDM Homes in West Hill Road that was discovered by staff on Monday morning. Although a window was damaged the offender could not gain entry, and nothing was stolen.

Mr Kludka said Jungle Café suffered a burglary at the end of last year. The café has only been open around three years, he said.

He fears the café will lose out on most of its takings until it can receive online orders once more.

“Now we need to survive with customers who walk in because we can’t provide people with deliveries. We want to know when we will get new equipment from Deliveroo and Uber Eats because they need to reprogram it. Most of our income comes from online orders,” he said.

“It feels terrible to be broken in as I’m working here trying to make the boss happy but, obviously, he’s not now,” he added. “I’ve worked here since the beginning of this year. The café’s been open nearly three years and already been broken into twice.

Police were collecting CCTV footage on Monday morning as part of their investigations into the burglaries. A spokesperson said officers were keeping an “open mind” about whether the incidents were linked.

Ibrahim Yildirim, owner of Best One, said he was “very lucky” police were in the area at the time of the break-in to his convenience store at around 2am.

He was alerted to the burglary on his phone, which is connected to his store’s CCTV system.

“I could see somebody was in the shop at the counter. I panicked and went over straight away.

“When I got to the shop the police had caught somebody at the front of the shop and he was on the floor.

“The police went back inside the shop to see if there was anybody else inside. I provided them with a statement and the CCTV footage. The detective phoned me in the morning and said they had got a lot of evidence, which is very good.”