GAIA Pope-Sutherland’s family want an inquest into her death that is ‘fit for purpose’, said her cousin.

A Coroner’s inquest has been opened and adjourned, pending the outcome of two separate Independent Office of Police Conduct investigations, firstly into the police response and handling of her disappearance and death. And the second into the police response to an allegation of rape made by Gaia in December 2015, following a referral from Gaia’s family.

Marienna said the family wanted ‘the ability to look at the story of what happned to Gaia in all its complexity’.

“It’s not a simple thing like she ws walking down the street one day and hit by a piano, it sort of suggests complex stuff like mental health and sexual violence are involved or its a more complicated pcituee and we want an inquest that’s fit for purpose to examine all of that.

She also had harsh words for youth mental health support in Dorset and the south west claiming ‘Dorset is particularly bad’ and ‘poorly funded’.

Superintendent Pete Windle, Head of Professional Standards at Dorset Police , said: “In May 2018 we received a complaint from the family of Gaia Pope in respect of our handling of a report of rape Gaia made in December 2015.

“Following receipt of this complaint we have referred ourselves to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) as the mandatory referral criteria was met.

“As a result of this, the IOPC is now conducting an independent investigation into the Force’s response in relation to the rape allegation.

“The IOPC independent investigation into the Force’s response when dealing with the missing person report made in respect of Gaia Pope remains ongoing.

“An inquest into Gaia’s death has also been opened and HM Coroner is currently conducting her investigation.

"Because of those factors and foremost being mindful of the impact these processes have on Gaia’s family following her tragic death, it would not be appropriate at this time for the Force to comment further.

"Dorset Police is cooperating fully with the IOPC and HM Coroner and is supplying any information as requested by them.

"The Force remains committed to improving its service to the communities of Dorset and should there be any learning following either investigation then this will be acted upon.”