EVEN people who don’t like animals appear to be enjoying Noel Fitzpatrick’s Welcome To My World tour. The Supervet has been packing out venues that are usually home to music legends.

Demand has been so great in fact, particularly in Bournemouth, that a 3pm matinee was added to his 7.30pm show at the BIC on November 18.

But although he’s a celebrity – first and foremost he is still a vet. My first interview was cancelled at the 11th hour because of an unforeseen emergency at his surgery.

When we finally caught up for a chat last week he was quick to apologise: “I’m sorry about that – it’s the nature of the beast – literally,” he laughs.

He sounds in high spirits. Performing in front of a live audience has clearly been a revelation for him.

“I didn’t realise what it would be like,” he says. “It’s fascinating as well as scary and it’s far more intimate than TV. Each live show is different because there is a bond in that moment when you engage with a member of the audience that you can’t recreate.

“And you don’t necessarily have to love a dog or cat to get this show,” he says.

“It’s more about having big dreams and not allowing circumstances to stop you from achieving them.

“People of all ages get that. The show is about a kid who had a big dream of becoming a vet. Everyone told him it wasn’t possible and what it was like growing up on a farm and having cows poohing on my head!

“I try to make it as funny as I can because I think people get more insight when they laugh.”

He adds: “The thing about my life is that I’m only as good as my last operation so you never really indulge in your celebrity.”