SIX coaches full of Dorset protesters took to London’s streets on Saturday to take part in the biggest Brexit demonstration since the referendum.

They joined 670,000 people who took part in The People’s Vote March from Park Lane to Parliament Square.

Among the groups were families, academics, scientists, doctors, students and teenagers from Dorset schools.

The coaches from Dorset were joined by seven from Devon, four from Cornwall, two from Southampton and nine coaches from Bristol. Some were funded by TV historian Dan Snow and other donors.

The streets of London came to virtual gridlock as they called for a final say on Brexit.

One of the organisers of the Dorset For Europe Facebook group, Muriel Turner said: “We have six months to go until we actually leave the EU and I think it’s starting to hit home with the whole of the country now that’s it’s serious stuff, politicians are not taking it seriously at all. People are frightened now and want to make their voice heard and that’s what we are doing now.

“We have massive support from Dorset and the southwest as a whole with 31 coaches in total as well as everyone travelling up separately. Back in the last march in June we had two coaches but this time it is a massive increase and people are concerned about the way the country is going.

“There’s a boy of eight come along with us, our youngest campaigner, whose mother is from Albania, right to people in their 70s. Today we have lots of teenagers and students which is brilliant.”

During the march, Muriel joined in with chanting shouting “Hey hey Teresa May, give the people a final say.”

Muriel, was who born in Belgium, but has lived here since she was 12 added: “The people are more informed now, we want the government to say we can’t fix this, now let’s have the people have their say two and a half years on from the vote.”

Chair of West Dorset for Europe group, Kay Wilcox, said: “It was so uplifting to have such a huge crowd. I was really impressed that there were so many more young people and really people were there from all over the country. That just goes to show that so many people are really concerned.

“It is about more democracy, not less and I feel very strongly about that.”

The demonstration set off from Park Lane and finished in Parliament Square where celebrities and politicians including Conservative MP Anna Soubry, Labour's Chuka Umunna and Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable gave speeches.

Ms Soubry said: "It is clear we are the many".

Addressing the cheering crowds, she said: "We are winning the argument, most importantly against those who voted leave."

She added: "We will take responsibly and sort out this mess."

Following her speech to the rally, Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston said today's protest meant anti-Brexit campaigners can "no longer be ignored", adding that a second referendum could result in another leave vote but "we need to be given the chance to see it".

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also addressed the crowd, while dozens of celebrities posted snaps of themselves on the protest on social media.

Lord Of The Rings actor Andy Serkis attended the rally with his wife and son, and described it as "one of the most, if not the most important march of a generation".

Other famous faces included TV presenter Richard Bacon, entrepreneur and Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden, comedian Jenny Eclair and Holby City actors Catherine Russell and Hugh Quarshie.

In total 150 coach loads of people from across the UK - including as far away from London as Orkney - travelled to the March for the Future.

TV chef Delia Smith told the crowds that Brexit was "the most important issue in our lifetime", adding: "My message to MPs is please sort this out. Let the people you serve have their say."

#PeoplesVoteMarch was trending on Twitter on Saturday, with lots of young people - some of those who were not eligible to vote in the 2016 referendum - heading on the march.

Joining the Dorset buses, a group of teenagers from Brokenhurst College, Parkstone Grammar and Bournemouth Grammar came along.

Byron Scott said: “We are excited to come here together and show that we care.”