REVIEW: Elvana at The Old Fire Station

A band playing the songs of Nirvana fronted by an Elvis Presley lookalike who sounds more like Nicholas Cage.

How could this gig be anything but chaotic and brilliant. Word of the powerhouse performances put on by the guys has obviously got around as The Old Fire Station was packed to the rafters with a crowd who were hell bent on having a great time with one of the best live bands around at the moment.

Despite arriving straight from Disgraceland the three guys in the band were all smartly dressed in blue suits that recreated the look from the In Bloom video which only made the contrast with a red jump suited Elvis all the more entertaining.

Although not pretending to be anything other than a tribute band with a twist these guys can really play and recreated the sound of Nirvana to a T.

The bigger hits went down a storm with a hectic mosh pit forming at the front of the crowd on a couple of occasions as the crowd and band joined together to belt out everyone’s favourites. Lithium, Bloom, Come As You Are and of course Smells Like Teen Spirit all segued into Heartbreak Hotel, In The Ghetto and Suspicious Minds.

This is a band who may never sell out Wembley Stadium like their two inspirations could have done but that is far from the point. I would like to see them in venues slightly bigger than the OFS as these guys really know how to entertain and are at their finest when playing to crowds that they can make a real connection with.

As they disappear back to Disgraceland (or possibly Bristol) I can only reflect on a brilliant nights entertainment and check to see when they are coming back so I can do it all over again.