I FIND it amazing that when we get to hear through newspapers, television documentaries or Jeremy Kyle about non-working people having babies for which we taxpayers have to pay for and support, we all get angry and disgusted, but when it comes to a royal birth, the nation appears to jubilantly celebrate.

Every royal child, no matter how far down the line, is immediately included onto the coffers for vast taxpayer handouts. Far greater than any other child born into poverty but still the same when it comes to 'Living Off the State'.

I mean, first of all they will surely get the very best education, top medical provision and nannies – not to mention becoming an Earl, Duchess, Duke or whatever with owning lots of land and even more stately mansions.

All to be paid for by us taxpayers but still welcomed and flag-waved by many who amongst us all will have to pay for it.

I would imagine single-mum Rosie down the road with 10 kids and on benefits would be a whole lot cheaper.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth