A NEW healthy cafe has opened its doors in Broadstone and is on a mission to give those conscious about their food choices somewhere to enjoy guilt-free delights.

Personal trainer Brennan Peirce, 25 and his partner Molly Burgess, 26, opened Healthy Habits Cafe on the Broadway at the end of August.

The emphasis is very much on serving natural food without sugar and items on the menu include smoothie bowls, protein pancakes and avocado bruschetta, as well as turmeric chai lattes and matcha lattes.

Brennan said: “Molly’s a vegan but I’m quite the opposite and wherever we go to places I think ‘I’d like to be able to eat something like that’ or she’ll think ‘I’d like to be able to have something like that.’

“All salads are vegetarian but meat eaters have the option to add tuna or chicken so meat eaters can enjoy the same things.”

The café serves gluten free wraps and bread and has became a popular destination for people with coeliac disease or who are gluten intolerant.

Healthy Habits has also become a place for personal trainers to take their clients and introduce them to nutritious but tempting food - including cupcakes.

Brennan added: “It’s not a vegan place, it’s a nutrition bar.”

The couple became inspired to open Healthy Habits after living in Australia for a year around three years ago where healthy offerings are much more widely available.

“We lived in Melbourne and there were lots of places to get healthy food there. There are lots to get vegan or organic food but not here. In England people are deprived of the healthy option, especially outside London. They might eat something and come out thinking ‘I wish I hadn’t eaten that.’

“I worked as a personal trainer and there was a place next door to where I worked that I went nearly everyday and Molly worked there and we thought ‘we really need to bring something like this to England.’”

He added: “England is lagging behind at the moment but eventually we’ll get there.”

On their return to England, Brennan and Molly sold their healthy offerings such as protein balls at food festivals before setting up the café in Broadstone where Brennan grew up.

Brennan said; “We have quite a few regulars now. When we were doing the place up, Molly struggled to find places to get food she wanted to eat in the area. We’ve had a lot of good feedback from people with different dietary needs.”

The cafe is open between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and until 3pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.