A WOMAN banned from urinating in public and visiting Christchurch town centre has appeared back before the courts.

Sheila McGibbon, of Grand Avenue in Bournemouth, was handed a five-year criminal behaviour order in August 2017 after she was convicted of being drunk and disorderly.

However, on October 3 this year, the 51-year-old appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court to admit seven counts of breaching the order. The court heard she had been in possession of an open container of alcohol in public, was in a state of drunkenness in Mudeford, visited Bargates and was drunk in the car park of Poole Hospital's maternity unit.

McGibbon also admitted failing to surrender to custody.

She was fined £15 for each offence, which will be deducted from her benefits.

As part of the criminal behaviour order, the defendant was told she is not allowed to be in a state of drunkenness in a public place in Dorset or in possession of alcohol in public in Bournemouth and Christchurch.

Under the order, McGibbon also can't act in a manner that causes distress or annoyance to people in the two boroughs or urinate or defecate in a public place except for public toilets.

If asked to leave any premises in Bournemouth or Christchurch, she must do so. She also can't enter Christchurch town centre unless she is passing through on public transport.