A PRIMARY school has been praised by inspectors for providing a 'nurturing' environment for children.

Staff at Sopley Primary School received positive feedback from Ofsted following a short visit earlier this year.

The inspectors rated the South Ripley establishment as 'Good', a standard it has maintained since 2013.

Ofsted's visit to the school came just months after executive head Helen Morris joined the school.

A letter from the inspectors to Ms Morris said: "Working closely with your heads of school, you implemented a detailed and precise action plan to drive the school forward.

"Your self-assessment is accurate, which reflects your secure understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.

"In the short amount of time that you have led the school, you have built positive relationships with your staff. They share your commitment and high expectations for the pupils in the school."

Staff at Sopley Primary School, which has just more than 100 pupils, were said to have created a "welcoming and nurturing environment", according to Ofsted.

The inspectors said despite issues around retaining senior staff in recent years, parents told them the new leadership team had implemented positive changes.

"You (Ms Morris) are keen to keep improving all aspects of the school," inspectors added.

"You and your heads of school are working alongside teachers to ensure that English and mathematics planning challenges the most able pupils in all year groups. In addition, you are focusing on improving the attendance of pupils."

Going forward the school was advised to ensure the curriculum challenges the most able pupils to help them reach the highest standards and to have fewer pupils missing school regularly.