A MOTHER has admitted she does not know the full extent of the damage caused to her flat after a tree came crashing through the roof.

Sandra Coomber was with her 15-year-old daughter on Thursday evening when she heard "the loudest bang".

The sound was a large tree, which had come tumbling down onto her home in Ensbury Court, Bournemouth at around 10.45pm.

Ms Coomber told the Daily Echo that residents had made complaints about the tree, but said "no one wanted to take responsibility" when it came to addressing the safety concern.

On entering her living room she discovered a gaping hole had been pierced in the ceiling.

Her possessions were covered in insulation foam, dust, branches and leaves.

"We were in the other room and thinking about going to bed and then there was the loudest bang I have ever heard," Ms Coomber said.

"We came out of the room and there was a big cloud of dust coming out from the living room door. I turned the light on and there was just a giant hole in the ceiling, with branches, leaves and roof tiles all over the room.

"The first thing I did was to phone my my mum."

The mother and daughter then went outside and neighbours came to see if they were okay.

Calls were made to the emergency services and crews from the fire and ambulance service arrived on the scene.

Ms Coomber has moved in with her parents and is staying on their sofa so her daughter can get to school.

"At the moment I'm not sure what structural state the building is in," she added.

"I spoke to someone on Friday and the said it could be at least four to five weeks.

"My daughter has just gone into the last year of school and is working towards taking her GCSEs.

"For now we are staying at my parents, but it is just a one bed flat.

"Sovereign did offer to find somewhere, but we wanted to be somewhere familiar and near the school."

During her 10 years in the flat, Ms Coomber said large branches from the tree have hit her windows and fallen in the garden on many occasions.

Recalling the events of Thursday night, she said it was "unbelievable".

"You know its happened, but you look at it and you don't know how," she said. "That tree had been dangerous for years. We have lived there for 10 years and it was awful always seeing it swaying in the wind.

"It was a very tall tree and one side of it was just completely dead.

"We spoke to Sovereign about it and they tried to deal with it. It cuts across several boundaries and no one wanted to take responsibility.

"Neighbours had made complaints about it as well."