ANOTHER two animals have been killed in accidents on New Forest roads.

A grey filly was badly injured in a collision on the C10 at Setley, near Brockenhurst, and had to be humanely destroyed by one of the agisters.

The pony was wearing one of the glow-in-the-dark collars which aim to make animals more visible by reflecting car headlights.

A pig also had to be put down after an accident at South Gorley. A cow on the C10 at Vereley and a pony at Stoney Cross South were also reported to have been involved in accidents.

Searches were carried out but the animals could not be found.

The news comes after Gilly Jones of the New Forest Roads Campaign urged drivers to report crashes with animals.

At a recent Court of Verderers session, Lord Manners, the official verderer, urged drivers to report accidents with forest animals as, generally, they will not face prosecution, a fine, or points on their licence.