HERE we go again. John Beesley, scaremonger in chief, whipping up the worst scenarios to scare the life out of everyone into believing oil drilling offshore Dorset poses imminent threatening risks of pollution of Bournemouth beaches.

No-one in industry takes any responsibility or has any understanding of what they are doing except John Beesley running Bournemouth’s mass tourism industry, in itself having enormous impact on environment.

His analysis on the oil drilling, as with Navitus, is all grounded in worst possible, vanishingly small risks but then all the worse lumping together as if "same industries" a wind farm, which would have brought us decades of clean sustainable energy, and the offshore oil industry.

He sees them both in the same category. One and the same threat when wind is clean pollution free, downstream oil causing all the huge pollution on the planet.

I am beyond appalled. How can this man not see that a wind farm, 12 miles out at sea vanishingly small on the horizon, is the modern engineering solution to oil industry hydrocarbon pollution?

It beggars belief beyond understanding this council leader along with Conor Burns ("the ideology of climate warming") used the force of council for two years to condemn and destroy Navitus and then wants to tell the world that Bournemouth is a "green economy leader".

I cannot think of a deeper in-your-face insult to the intelligence of the people of our conurbation.

British offshore oil drilling has in fact an impeccable record. It is not the drilling that poses the high risks, it is the output, oil petroleum, hydrocarbon pollution, that is the issue. It is modern large scale wind farms, as Walney Island offshore Cumbria 200 turbines, that are providing for a far safer future.

If there is then an oil spill in the bay, after Cllr Beesley et al destroying the possibility of Navitus with huge whipped-up scaremongering, then in my view Bournemouth will get exactly what it deserves. And then perhaps Mr Beesley and council will wake up to what is going on on the planet. We don't need more oil, we need clean sustainable wind farms.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone