SHOCKING videos of young teenagers engaged in bare-knuckle fights in Canford Heath have been posted to social media.

Accounts set up on Instagram by the children were encouraging peers to ‘follow for fights’ and send in their own clips.

Although these accounts were removed following complaints, more are being created in their place.

Concerned residents have informed police and councillors in the hope something will be done to put a stop to the violent activity.

An admin for the Facebook group Spotted Canford Heath said the teenagers’ videos - which included girls fighting - had been filmed in several places in Canford Heath, as well as Oakdale and Poole town centre.

“These kids are creating a fight club in Canford Heath and encouraging others to beat the **** out of each other. They’re trying to make it a trend and it bothers me,” she said.

“I reported it to the police on Tuesday and they asked me if I had reported it to Instagram. But the problem is, they take one page down and then another one is set up within a couple of hours.”

She added: “People are so fed-up and aggravated with the problems there have been in Canford Heath lately. This group have a gang mentality, and people can’t go to the park or the shops sometimes.”

The fights involve boys and girls around 13 and 14 years old, punching, kicking and pulling each other’s hair. In one video, police and paramedics are called.

Canford Heath councillor Sandra Moore said she was concerned about the matter and had reported it to the council.

“As it involves young people, they might be known to the council. I want the council to be aware in case the school and other agencies can be contacted,” she said.

Earlier this month a public meeting was held in Canford Heath to address the issues with anti-social behaviour. Local police, councillors, and MP Michael Tomlinson spoke to residents about their concerns and explained what action had been taken to tackle the problem.

A group of around 20 youths, some as young as 12, had been intimidating members of the public on a daily basis since the start of summer.

Leader of Poole council, Janet Walton, said while she was aware of ongoing issues in Canford Heath, she had only just been informed about the organised fighting.

“It’s very worrying to hear about this, and the council will be doing all it can to deal with this issue,” she said.

Michael Tomlinson, MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, said it was “clearly unacceptable to use social media in this way”.

“I hope that this video evidence can be used by the police to further crack down on anti-social behaviour,” he added.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “This matter has been reported to the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and we are investigating the incidents.

“We are continuing to work with the anti-social behaviour team at Poole council to take appropriate action in dealing with young people involved in anti-social behaviour and criminal offences.”

“We recognise the impact anti-social behaviour has on the local community and our officers are committed to working with our partners to address any issues raised by members of the public. We are currently carrying out a range of proactive initiatives around the Canford Heath area as part of this ongoing effort,” the spokesperson added.

Police are urging anyone with concerns or who witnesses anti-social behaviour to report it at, via email