A BOURNEMOUTH teenager will be competing in Crufts next year after qualifying with her pet cockapoo Poppy.

Sixteen-year-old Roxy Carr was inspired to teach Poppy some tricks after watching Britain’s Got Talent 2012 winners Ashleigh and Pudsey carry out dance routines.

Since then, the talented pair have competed in agility competitions all over the country.

They recently took part in the Crufts 2018 Young Kennel Club Agility Dog of the Year competition, and have since qualified for Crufts 2019.

They also came third in the London Excel’s Super Dogs Live Dog Dance competition.

In their spare time, the duo even entertain at local children’s parties, residential homes and festivals.

Roxy, who has always been a dog lover, even to the point of regularly dressing up as a dog as a child, describes six-year-old Poppy as her “best friend”.

She was very excited when after a summer spent persuading her parents to get a dog they agreed.

Describing her relationship with the clever cockapoo, she said: “I would never have had these opportunities without Poppy and I’m so much happier and confident with her in my life.

“She always notices if I’m not feeling myself and will stay by my side until I’m smiling away again. Poppy does so much for me and my family and I love how active we have all become.”

Roxy is also an ambassador for pet food brand Eukanuba. She became one of the company’s ‘active adults’ after noticing a dip in Poppy’s energy levels and some joint discomfort that had been affecting her performance in competitions.

A spokesperson for Eukanuba said: “ To improve her wellbeing, Roxy and Poppy have become one of six Eukanuba Live Life Well Ambassadors in the hope that the new and improved recipe will support her optimal body condition and give her back some of her lost energy.”

Describing Poppy’s energy levels after the second month of being fed Eukanuba, Roxy said: “The weather’s been so hot but Poppy’s keeping her energy levels up even in the heat.

“She won a 1st place in Grade 4 Agility and is now Grade 5 which we didn’t think would be possible.

“We’re really impressed with Poppy’s drive and improved energy levels - she would have been struggling for definite in this heat before she switched over to Eukanuba Active Adult.

“We feel Poppy is actually enjoying her meal times finally, which is great as she’s a fussy cockapoo. Plus, Poppy’s sister ‘Little Fizz’ loves her new Eukanuba diet too.

“Before we switched to Eukanuba Poppy was on a raw food diet and we would worry about the chicken staying fresh and raw meat contamination - life is so much easier now,” Roxy added.