From food and fashion, to beauty, wedding planning and parenting - blogging is becoming increasingly popular.

One Bournemouth writer is on a mission to bring the community together and offer advice and support to those starting out, after taking over the Bournemouth Bloggers Network.

Mum-of-three Emma-Louise Longden heads up the group of around 50 local bloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers, organising regular 'meet-ups' for them to get to know each other and socialise, as well as events such as talks from professionals and restaurant reviews.

She took on the role in November last year and has already doubled the number of members in the network.

"It started about five years ago," says Emma-Louise, a former wedding co-ordinator who has been blogging for around seven years. "The first I heard about it properly was when I got invited to an event last October, which was a meet-up.

"I got an email asking if I would be able to help with it. Because I used to work in events, I like doing things like that. I had just handed in my notice, so it gave me something else to do as well as blogging. I helped her with that and did the goodie bags. I found it really interesting."

Shortly after the event, the lady who was running the network moved away, and offered Emma-Louise, 29, the chance to take it on.

"Since then I've been working with it and making it bigger," she says. "There were about 25-30 people when I took it over, but there are now 50. Some of them are from Southampton - there's another group in Southampton and that's really established, so a few of the people from the Bournemouth group go to their events and I've got a few of the Southampton people come over now."

Emma-Louise, who has her own lifestyle blog called evenangelsfall, has since organised events at Koh Lounge, Hilton's Level8 Sky Bar and the Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch, as well as arranged for group members to attend the launch of the new Upper Deck Terrace at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel, and review local restaurants including The Real Greek, Baffi Pizza, The Wood Oven and Ojo Rojo.

As well as acting as social occasions for the bloggers, who often work in isolation, the events help to build up influencer marking in the area by generating a social media presence from those attending.

"It depends on the venue, but we would usually have around 15 to 20 people there, depending on what the event is," says Emma-Louise, who lives in Ensbury Park with her husband and their three children Cameron, seven; Carly, five and 18-month-old Benjamin.

"There are a lot of food events, but most people are what I would call myself, which is lifestyle. Sometimes there's a stipulation - like you have to have written about food before, and sometimes it's first come, first served."

Emma-Louise is also keen to work with locally-based brands, including online gift company Create, Gift Love; Furleigh Estate vineyard; Lush; Bomb Cosmetics and Gold & Black candles, in a bid to help promote their work.

"I like to be able to give something back," she explains.

"I'm doing blogging full-time - I don't work anywhere else other than at home. So, for me, it's good because it gives you that social aspect that you get from being in a workplace. Having an event where 30 of us are going, it's nice to be able to meet them, to find out more about their lives as well, because some of them do work and do other things.

"There's a lot of different people writing about the same thing, but we are all really supportive."

Emma-Louise, who also does some freelance social media work for a local PR agency, is now focusing on arranging more local events and expanding the network.

"I want to just keep working with local companies and bring the blogging community together," she says.

"Taking this on has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoy doing Bournemouth Bloggers. It's a community that I want to keep close-knit."

To find out more about joining the Bournemouth Bloggers Network, Tweet @bmthbloggers, search Bournemouth Bloggers on Instagram or email