A COUPLE have been told not to return to their council bungalow in Poole for three months after neighbours complained of "persistent nuisance".

The property at 9 Dale Valley Road in Oakdale was shut down by magistrates on August 30.

Occupants Darren Kime and Natasha Brown have been warned not to come back to the address during the period of the closure. It is also a criminal offence for anyone else to visit the property.

Magistrates made the decision to shut down the bungalow after learning it was used as a gathering place by "large numbers of people".

Residents living nearby were disturbed day and night and "lived in fear of what would happen next", it was said.

Council officials, police officers and representatives from Poole Housing Partnership gathered evidence and challenged perpetrators to secure the order.

It is alleged that those who frequented the bungalow were verbally abusive and made threats to intimidate neighbours.

Large groups of young people also went into residents' gardens.

On Monday, the property was discussed at a public meeting of Canford Heath residents concerned about anti-social behaviour in the area.

Inspector Adrian Thompson of Dorset Police said: “A group of young people were congregating there and causing issues.

"We’ve used powers to close the address and move that group away, and that’s actually dispersed quite a lot of the problem."

Su Spence, chief executive of Poole Housing Partnership, said: “The use of a closure order is always used as a last resort and it is unfortunate that this has occurred.

"However, it is important to balance the needs of the community with the needs of the individual resident and take action where necessary.”

Anyone affected by anti-social behaviour in Poole should report incidents to the council by calling 01202 633438 or via poole.gov.uk